‘It’s okay to be okay. It is okay to move on. It is okay to heal. It is okay to be happy. It is okay to be alright. You are not deserting anyone. You are not abandoning the people still in the dark place. You are taking care of yourself and there is NOTHING wrong with that.’”

I wish that someone would have told me this when I was going through a really tough time losing someone that I loved very much. It was like I was forcing myself to miss him because I didn’t want to lose him. In breakups, the brokenhearted one seems to always get angry or try to make the other jealous or try to move on. But me, I didn’t want any of that. I didn’t want to be happy if he wasn’t making me happy. I didn’t want to do anything to make me forget because I didn’t WANT to forget, I didn’t want it to be over. It was a really hard time. I wish I had heard this. I wish someone told me to stop making myself miss him. Because I was. It really is okay to be okay, I wish I had believed that myself.

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If you ever find someone who is terrified of losing you, keep them. They love you like no one else (via terriblethoughtsx)

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She’s sunny one minute then she’s pouring down rain. (via soulsscrawl)

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